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Tax Market Update 2014 - Demand for Tax Talent Increases
From current market activity I believe that 2014 will prove to be a significant year with many organisations making the most of the upbeat economic environment .
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Tax Hirings 2013 -2014 - Tax Talent On The Move
2014 looks promising as demand for leading tax professionals increases.
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Project Wickenby finds $63m in Tax Evasion by Michael Issakidis

by Danielle Seagrave, Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

Michael John Issakidis posted $1.5 million bail and was allowed to return to his Gold Coast mansion after being charged for tax evasion of over $63 million.

More than $40 million in assets are being retained by authorities, including four Rolls-Royces, a Lamborghini, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes Benz, real estate in Sydney and the Gold Coast and two yachts.

The 7 month investigation was part of the Australian Federal Government’s Project Wickenby.

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